CNBC Clowns!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pavlov0032, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Look how euphoric they were yesterday and some time today in the morning..

    Recession is over! recession is over!

    200b liquidity injection, wow! thats like drinking mineral water when your liver dying of cirrhosis!

    It almost looks like they want the market to go only one way- up and they tout and tout the slightest uptrend and get so cheerful about it..

    Seen to ignore that one should be shorting this market not going long, but nooooooo o shorting is baaaaadd! it's unpatriotic etc,etc..

    Asian markets already down as of right now, watch tomorrow snp and dow opening DOWN and no "liquidity injections" can revive this sick puppy
  2. hong kong is having a bird flu scare
  3. they also cheer each and every new price hike in oil.

    wonder why they're so euphoric?
  4. I don’t believe they ever said the recession is over even once yesterday during the trading day. Why are people on ET so obsessed over CNBC and always in a negative way? If you don’t care for them simply turn the channel, try FBN or Bloomberg.

    Week after week people on ET complain about CNBC or some of the people on CNBC and they almost always distort the truth about what exactly CNBC says and does. CNBC is a TV station nothing more, they are in the ratings game to sell add time. It just so happens that their focus is the markets and business.
  5. Erin Burnett has used the term "silver lining" numerous times in the last few weeks.

    Everyday she tries to find a "silver lining" amid the wreckage.

    Mark Haynes says-- The DOW is down 130 points right now.

    Erin replies-- Well, the "silver lining" is that the DOW was down 160 at it looks like we might have a rally on our hands.

    Can't stand the constant cheerleading.
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    There's some guest, especially on Larry Kudlow, saying that we're in recesion. I saw that. I agree with you it's pure entretaiment television. Some people there are good, I should say, Rick Santelli hits the nail in the head many times, still he needs to carry a sensacional tone. I don't like cramer a bit but he has some knowledge on the markets that I bet he can't throw it on TV. . You need to understand, this guys are all protecting GE's ass - their parent company. Fat cats in wall street are on the constat lookout for this network as well.

    Why don't they have a segment about futures?? I mean, nothing wrong with stocks, but let's talk about emini's and how to make trades off them.....Let's put it on fast money.

    no at chance!!!!
  7. Sounds like a Silver cheerleader

    this is funny

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  8. Perhaps because most of the people here on ET really don't trade for a living. As a result, it's a lot less risky to spend most of your day watching CNBC and criticizing the "experts".
    A poster here by the name of S2007S certainly comes to mind in that regard.