CNBC Cheerleaders - WTF?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EdgeHunter, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. When the Dow, SP, NDX etc gapped down this morning Mark B. and Erin B. spend 1/2 hour telling everyone NOT to panic... !!

    What is that... are they going to pay back the people who HELD when they said its all just a little sell off...

    crike... can't belive those guys should be held liable for that crap... :mad:

    I am short all day... :)

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  2. Why do you even listen to CNBC?
    Why does anyone listen to CNBC?
    They are a joke.

    Try Bloomberg.
  3. I only listen to them to hear about stocks that have news... but with that kind of bias on the indexes maybe they have bias on which stocks they say there is news about...

    i also watch Bloomie... too...


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  4. They just showed a chart coming off the commercial. Since OF COURSE they can't show the daily or even five minute chart of the dow dumping, what did they show?

    A five minute tick chart. 11:46 - 11:51 central time. And of course, it was showing an increase.

    The damn TICK CHART!

    God I love these cheerleaders. So entertaining.
  5. That channel looks like a live funeral today. What a joke!
  6. They are still Cheerleading..


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  7. You can see the amount of fear on their faces. Those morons won't get their contracts renewed because no one watches CNBC in a bear market. :D
  8. is now the time to buy? "yes,we think it is"lol
  9. Okay, i am going to be buying Erin B a set of pom poms... :D

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  10. Hopefully we'll see a bear market and they'll be forced to make Claman and Burnett do the news in the nude.
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