CNBC challenge-sell at open ???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hitman4gk, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. every buy is recorded at teh end of trading day? if i sell,is that recorded at the end of trading day as well>? or is there a way i get the open price? too bad the rules are so damn confusing/
  2. Pekelo


    Without looking it up, I bet it is ALWAYS the closing price, buy OR sell....
  3. it is ..its the closing really is bullshit because you cannot use limit orders.the contest is based on luck,not skill.
  4. Yeah its silly. I'm just going all-in every single day on a different stock stock thats reporting earnings (more high-flyin the better) :p
  5. This contest is retardedly gay and all luck.

    I put it all in NEW yesterday and will dump today for 30% hopefully. I'm sure a lot of others did it too yesterday.
  6. Pacridge


    About 70% of the time it won't load, browser just times out. After trying to make several trades and spending way too much time doing so, I now find I have no holdings what so ever. No cash, no stocks... nothing.

    Also I've answered the trivia everyday, says I answered correctly, yet doesn't show any income from it.

    All this for an annuity? And since it's an annuity, why do they keep showing that pile of ten dollar bills?

    Sure am glad my real on-line broker doesn't operate like this.
  7. can't sell anything, the website is down. this is B/S
  8. Pacridge


    Absolutely, what a waste of time.
  9. john99


    Yep, the website is down, I currently have no holdings and zero cash. I was in the top 4% yesterday, which is like $400,000 off the high, looks like I have to make money from my own trading. The only way you can win is by betting on earnings on high beta stocks like the above poster said. They should call it CNBC's stock gambling challenge, because to win big you have to gamble.
  10. Pacridge


    Can't even hope to win if the sites down 75% of the time.

    Hey, let's start a contest that we know 100K's of people will enter. We'll tease it every 10-15 mins. on our national TV network and not support it with any bandwidth. Brilliant I tell you, simply brilliant!
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