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Discussion in 'Trading' started by razor99, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. razor99


    i placed an order to sell 20,000 shares of a stock brfore 3:00. i then immediately bought 50,000 shares of another stock. however,i just checked and it only shows 7,500 shares purchased of the new stock and still shows my 20,000 shares of stock i supposedly updated the shares i bought but not the sell and the remaining just shows the shares i bought with the money remaining from the original 20,000 shares// will everything update tomorrow?
  2. This is how it works. If you buy 20,000 shares today you won't get in until tomorrow. Therefore, if your sell @ 3 O'clock and the price of the shares drop, you lose. It will only give you credit for the price @ the end of the day.
    So... You can sell and make your profit for that day and buy in the same day for the next one, if you think a certain stock is going to move. Hope that makes sense.