CNBC....can I get something better?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Eko_Trader, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. What is the problem with these people?

    Why can't they give me news without politics?

    Why can't I just get a logical, coherent argument without rude interruptions?

    Why can't I get people who actually understand the market?

    Why can't they let me figure out why the market is up or down....instead of shoving retarded explanations on everyone?

    Why can't they just fire Larry Kudlow, Cramer, Kneale, Gasparino and cut Ratigan's hours back a little?

    Can I just have something better than these clowns?
  2. jaley


    sounds boring.. that isn't going to make them any money
  3. Cause the station is run by a pack of _____

    You fill in the blank

    They have been moronic for years.

    watch bloomberg
  4. ess1096


    You could just use the mute button. :)
  5. "Cut Ratigans hours back a little":D :D :D

    And dump the Giant Colossal Man on the end on Fast Money ...a reason for the mute button.
  6. I wonder how the national ban CNBC day went?
  7. I will second that.
  8. gangof4


    the problem, unfortunately, with bloomberg is that they could be interviewing the donkey from teh tijuana donkey show and, if there was serious breaking news, they'd still not break away from the interview, wouldn't run anything cross the bottom of the screen, would then go to commercial once the donkey finished, come back, recap the markets for 3 minutes and THEN, maybe... clue you in on the breaking news. (my apologies to Mrs. Green, my grade school english teacher, for that sentence). btw, if the above scenario were to occur during bloomberg asia, add 2 hours to the time it would take them to 'break' the news, and only after rerunning the donkey interview 73x in the interim (anyone who has watched bloomberg aisa knows of what i speak).

    as such, to get the only useful thing one can get from television business news (breaking news), one must suffer thru cnbc. that, and cnbc often breaks/makes news- another reason to keep the annoying ball and chain. sigh...
  9. I've been watching CNBC til 10 CST, and then History or whatever until 1 CST, when I turn it back to CNBC and hit the mute button. (Just in case they have an interesting interview or something.)

    But I gotta say, tomorrow, I'm going with the donkey interview on bloomberg. This is a daily thing, right?
  10. Stosh


    And Bloomberg runs the same 4 commercials over and over and over.
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