CNBC broadcast on a 7 second delay

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by sunggong, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. That's a lot of delay. WTF?

    I just noticed this delay starting yesterday and today it's the same thing.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I'm in the Bay Area and use Comcast cable.
  2. Is 7 seconds enough time for Da Boyz to front-run the sheeple?
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    No. We require a bit more time, and frankly, an entirely diferent strategy. But you're doing good, keep paying attention and one day you'll get it. Atta boy!
  4. Are you REALLY one of Da Boyz, or are you just spoofin'?
  5. bdon


    Most networks run a delay since the janet jackson thing at the superbowl in 04. The FCC also threw down a big fine on ABC yesterday for a five year old NYPD blue episode so perhaps cnbc decided to they needed to protect themselves.
  6. so, if Erin pops a tit, we won't know about it?

    Fuck it. I'm watching Bewitched reruns on TV land then.
  7. They might have been running a delay for longer than just recently. Years ago when they took some live call-in questions, some caller asked Liebe Geft, "do you shave your cunt"?
  8. Based on their top of screen quotes and my live feed it looks like it's real time to me...
  9. It's not CNBC running late doofus. It's Comcast running late! Even your "local" channels are delayed.

  10. Huh, that's funny because local channels' clocks were in pretty much exact match with the internet clock whereas CNBC countdown clocks were about 7 seconds off.

    I'm thinking that it's just CNBC thing, not a Comcast thing.

    Want-to-be smartass.
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