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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Sanity, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Sanity


    does anyone know where i could find old cnbc programs?
  2. tampa


    Don't they just say the same stuff over and over again anyway?
  3. How many time have we seen Scott Sullivan do the perp walk in front of WCOM h/q??

    Believe me if you missed Maria call the bottom back in July she also called it in May 2000, July 00, Sep, . . . . :D
  4. cheeks


    I promised myself I would not Flame anyone.......

    But why do they have to tempt me?

  5. I heard they (the big investment houses) took all the pre-Mar 2000 CNBC tape archives over to Afghanistan. They are trying to get those guys over there sold on establishing equity markets. I think it is mighty kind, and not to mention selfless, of Merrill, Goldman, Solomon and the like, to show the new Afghani government the equity market is a win-win proposition for everyone. The investment houses can smell the underwriting and market-making profits from several thousand miles away. :D
  6. Sanity


    i think a lot could be learned by studying the way the general public viewed the market, and how the market responded. i am the first one to find fault in how cnbc may have fuled buying just as much as the analysts did. however, it is hard to argue that since the market is a good representation of human psychology (esp. fear and greed), revisiting the news and comments may prove helpful. who knows, maybe 3 years from now, someone may be looking for old posts from ET to see how they may have affected the evolution of on-line trading platforms, for example.