CNBC and their satellite feeds

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by r-in, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. r-in


    Anyone else think it is a joke with the interviews they due via satellite link? Either people are cutting off each other all the time during the interview because of the delay, or they lose their sat. feed during. What did they use in the past? Ever since they went to this it has been pretty poor, even their own people who use it daily keep cutting each other off, what a joke.
  2. A couple weeks ago, they had to cut off the Accuweather broadcast because their satellite feed was freezing. Mark Hanes said it was probably due to bad weather around where Katrina Voss was broadcasting from. I thought that was rather ironic - weather preventing news on weather.
  3. I agree about the news service in general. I find it quite unprofessional and more oriented towards useless drivel rather than short, useful and to the point interviews and coverage. I prefer Bloomberg by far.

    One thing that is annoying about them is that while they are in the middle of a segment, they will not interrupt for breaking news to provide details at any cost. They might flash an alert 1 to 3 minutes late, but will not interrupt the broadcast to provide details. I wish there were better options for professional traders.