CNBC and Olympics

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    C/O TVNewser.Com.

    "CNBC announced the new schedule for Fast Money and Mad Money during the Olympics. From August 11-22, Fast Money will air 1-1:30pmET, and 1-2pmET on Fridays. Mad Money airs 1:30-2:00pmET (Monday-Thursday), and for a full hour at 11pmET."

    Not that you should trade based on CNBC-anything but I find it hysterical that CNBC purports to be "the" business news channel yet shuffles its business programming schedule *while markets are open* to accomodate the Olympics as part of the NBCU family.

    Though I wonder. Fast Money during the day might mean less snivelling Dennis Neale, if he's still on the network. For CNBC-viewers that might be a decent tradeoff.

    Can you imagine Bloomberg doing this? Oh, wait....IMHO Bloomberg-TV is competent financial news coverage.

    Disclaimer: I do appreciate the first segment of FM for the day's market recap while I'm making dinner. And Cramer? Meh. Barely entertaining these days, haven't seen more than 10 minutes of him in over a year.
  2. could be quite interesting viewing.

    maybe if the americans win 1,2 and 3 in the 100 metre sprint they could all wear a black glove on a hand, raise a clenched fist during the presentation of the medals in protest of losing their homes, seeing their pensions go down the pan invested in stocks, their savings go out the window invested in indymac and the us go bankrupt.
  3. CNBC will be a sports channel next year.

    The gig's up if they can't announce new highs.
  4. Expect more volatility between 1-2pm on an already thin summer trading environment. These morons can certainly move markets.