CNBC and Media to begin "Compression" of market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Chausey, Oct 23, 2008.

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    If CNBC were a chart to be read, today would mark a clear turn point. They are moving from asking scared questions to asking vindictive questions that are to sow the seeds of doubt. They can do this because credit markets are returning to normal. They believe the bottom has been made and are now moving to "Compress" the market, to intentionally discourage hope and make rallies fast and sell offs last consecutive days. Many independent traders refer to this as "shaking out".

    Market media has moved to kill off the hedge funds that were not going to be around for the next bull market. Now they will work to rebuild the hedge fund industry -trying to drive as much retail investment volume to the market as possible in the hopes of exhausting a retail holder of all profit potential during a phase of the market that would most likely be the best environment to buy and hold.
  2. I always thought they were all fucking each other during kudlow and kramer.
  3. If you get your news from "Main stream" press, your getting dis-information. Yahoo's home page has a clip Diana and the idiot talking about the recession, area's hit and the fact that the "experts" say a rebound in JUNE O9.

    Anyone on this site, that quotes mainstream media is suspect to me. First, I doubt they are in the Financial World. Second, I doubt the trade successful. Third, falls back to the 1st and second.

    I have spoke to traders that are very fearful for their jobs. Both Institutional and "Retail". Retail guys are about tapped out on margin, if any is left. Do you think that 09 is going to bring the same margin rules for traders? Think again, behind the scenes they are talking about doing away with margin for all "retail" traders. Only Institutions will be able to utilize margin.

    Do you really think, that after the liquidity pumped into the markets, the Hedge Fund industry getting crushed, redemptions continue as I write, major Walls Street IB firms, now nothing more than banks........just these points you really think that we will have a 2 or 4 year recession, only?

    Continue to follow the Pigs in Animal Farm and you too will wake up in OBAMANATION, ...flat broke, with not chance of finding the lost American Dream achieve Wealth.

  4. I hear you ... but I think you should look at it this way ...

    A doctor who specializes in skin diseases will dream that he has fallen asleep in front of the television.

    Later, he will wake up in front of the television, but not remember his dream.

    Would you agree?
  5. oh's all a conspiracy

    you're a friggin moron.

    no one on that show has any clue where anything's going