Cnbc And Cramer Have Gone Too Far

Discussion in 'Trading' started by THE-BEAKER, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. im the last person to criticise people for taking the piss out of
    another nation but what the f--k is cramer doing tied up with bamboo sticks and talking in a mock chinese accent got to do with the market.

    this is real borderline stuff.

    i did not see the supposed remark about chinkys the other day but this stuff is not good.

    this is one reason alone why the chinese should dump their entire treasury position this afternoon.

    i honestly cant believe they allow it.

    this guy is an emabarrassment to all professionals in the trading community.

    exit stage left cramer now
  2. Beast84


    Has their been any public backlash to his comments since? I haven't kept up much. :eek:
  3. That sounds extremely offensive.

    You are still talking about CNBC, it's egregiously unprofessional and silly when it comes to serious matter.
  4. keep an eye on cnbc.

    i think they are going to run his anti chinese bit again.
  5. my internal email at work wont allow me to view.

    whats the theme here?
  6. i don't think its something to get upset about...
  7. So that is WiseGuyTrade what a pile of crap and could that bloke what a tosser
  8. quote from cnbc's steve leecemen or whatver his name is.

    they call him their senior economist.

    ' if these inflation numbers come in high im just going to ignore them'.

    yeah. thats a bloody good idea . we just ignore the numbers because we dont want to believe there is any inflation.

    what a joke this lot are.
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