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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tech Analysis, May 24, 2002.

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  1. There was an interesting thread on best and worst CNBC commercials - why not start one on reporters. I'll start with my vote for most annoying: a tie between Becky Quick and Michelle Cabrusa-Cabrera, especially when they're on together. They seem to take the opportunity to act like 2 of the most childish imbeciles to appear on a so-called business channel. 2 weeks ago they were using the tele-strator to draw a beard and nose on one of their guest's photographs. It seems that Becky is taking over for the other moron, their "Chief Economist" Marci 3-chicken-day Rosselle.

    Truly pathetic.
  2. Ditch


    I don't even have it on any more. Even during the biggest sell-off, they persist in their bullish bullshit. This is no news channel.

  3. clarkie


    How about David Faber? He's always "breaking" stories that are old news. His frequent Fabor Reports are boring and hard for me to understand, and surely don't have anything to do with trading.:mad: :confused:
  4. I still like that little sex kitten Maria...I'd like to stroke her in such a way that she meows...:D :D :D

    it's not like I'd watch that shit for any other reason, you know?

    deMark said it best when he said "turn it off"
  5. chuv


    How about that guy (can't recall his name) who looks exactly like Tom Green? Cracks me up every time he is on TV :p
  6. I think MTV should start a business channel, targeted at daytraders natch. The set would be Manhattan Beach( hey, we all remember what the MB stands for, right?), the reporters, or "on-air talent", would be Baywatch quality and dressed accordingly, and they could play music videos during dead spots like the hated 12:00-2:00 zone. In the evening they would switch to Asian markets, with some of that foxy Hong Kong talent and the occasional blonde Brit with one of those sexy accents. Bloomberg has the right idea but all those charts and tickers are annoying.
  7. What happened to Marci Rossel? She was cute.
  8. Ditch


    On CNBC-Europe thre's a real knock-out, that covers the DAX. they should dress her up in a "Lederhose".:p :p

  9. So right, should open your own network. You could do it on the web for next to nothing. Find a couple of so-so traders to write the commentary, and scout for some "talent" to deliver it.

    The best part - it's your network, so you get to do all the interviewing. :D
  10. Maria is still a total knockout. She's one of the few reasons why I still watch the channel. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is pretty cute too. Becky Quick is kind of annoying. I wish Ashleigh Banfield would get out of those war zones in the middle east, and trade places with Mrs Quick in Fort Lee, NJ. Ashleigh and Maria,.....that would be the greatest combo in the New York area since Ruth and Gehrig.
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