CNBC Anchors, How much do they make?

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  1. Ok so the market is slow and we are arguing.

    Erin Burnett is on right now, and some guys say she makes 6 figures, i said no way.

    Anyone actually know?
  2. 6 figures is X00 000 or X 000 000 ?
  3. Don't have the stats, but in the realm of the financial world, what a cherry position. They can party their ass off, come in and report "gold was down 6% or company X got whacked 20%" with no concern and crocodile tears. And then posture like they actually know something. If you look closely, you can see this in their demeanor. Talking WSJ's. Fin TV should just go all out and get some real 9's and 10's reporting.

    Alpinetrader? Come on, $XXX,XXX
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    I'll ask her tonight.....:D
  5. I'd say 6 figures easy.
  6. I admit living in a cheap area i forget what exactly 6 figures means to some people.

    Whats good salary in NYC, 200k? Thinks its that cushy, or just a "working professional salary", like 100k or something.
  7. Low 6 figures.

    Maria B is making 7 figures.

    And Bob Pisani gets a special bonus everytime he jumps up and down for the market. :D
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    I'd be shocked if she makes a dime less than 300k. Probably more.

    Even in Chicago there's a handful of local anchormen making between 750k and 2 million per year.

    The media wants info on everyone else but they're pretty close-mouthed about their own salaries.
  9. of course she makes at least 100k a year.
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    The best anchors/hosts like Katie Couric and Barbara Walters make 10 million a year or so, but granted they have something about them, personality, looks...

    The average TV personality will definitely make six figs, and possibly break the 1 million a year barrier, but I think that's mostly to stop them from leaving to host the CBS evening news...

    As for what the avg. salary in Wall Street, about 150K, and lemmie tell you just coz you work in the middle of money town doesn't mean you'll make that kinda money... Recruiters keep calling me offering me jobs for SUBSTANTIALLY less... in midtown no less...
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