CNBC anchors giving market predictions.

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  1. What qualifications do the CNBC anchors have to make recommendations?

    They do it everyday.

    Remember Bartiromo for weeks saying Citigroup's dividend wasn't going to get cut?

    Remember Dennis Kneale saying to buy Google at $600?

    They're journalists, that's all.

    What are they doing giving market predictions everyday?

    Are they trying to play big trader?
  2. Div_Arb


    No, they are using their influence to pump Jim Cramer's, Eddie Lampert's, and SAC's book.
  3. what's really a joke is when a guest cancels and they start interviewing each other
  4. samus


    to be honest, I've stopped watching them... it adds absolutely zero value to my trading decisions and is just a nonsensical distraction I can live without.
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    lately i cant even watch it. I just turn off the TV now.
  6. JORGE


    Yeah, but according to Dennis as long as you don't sell you haven't lost a thing.
  7. If they knew what they were talking about, they would be traders, not journalists.

    The only guy I have respect for is Santelli...The rest are a bunch of bozos.
  8. Terrible logic. I wonder what Dennis would say if he was holding enron stock right now. "well, i never sold, so technically i never lost anything..."

    Yeah so wheres the money?
  9. I'm surprised that some enterprising young ambulence chaser hasn't attempted a class action against them. CNBC (commercial news and business channel) is a misnomer, as the show is 10% news, 90% opinion. While I realize that there is a disclaimer at the beginning of each show, how is one to differentiate between fact and opinion? Facts are news, opinions are not.

    For example, one of my biggest pet peeves occurs during the the Wed. oil inventory numbers, when the floor reporter states authoritaively whether the number is "bullish" or "bearish" based soley upon the supply numbers. If the number is below expectations, you'll hear that the number is bullish, implying that the price will go up. this takes into account no other factors and more times than not is just plain wrong.

    I would love for someone to expose these aholes as the charlatans that they are. The only reason I watch is to fade the "news", knowing that the masses get hoodwinked by these clowns daily.
  10. The worst part are the sound effects. They use some kind of whooshing sound when they change graphics. Irritating.
    I like watching Bernard Lo on Bloomberg during the Asian open.
    He has an intelligent sarcasm.
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