cnbc ‘freaking out’ over low ratings.

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  1. i got news for them. its kernan and cramer.

    CNBC ‘freaking out’ over decline in ratings for Andrew Ross Sorkin and Maria Bartiromo
    'Their biggest attractions have become their biggest losers,' says industry insider

    “Squawk Box” is down 16 percent in total viewers and 29 percent in the important 25-54 demographic bracket that advertisers buy.

    On Tuesday, the show drew its lowest numbers of the year in total viewers — 99,000.

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  2. I personally know about a dozen retail traders who have stopped trading in the past couple of years.

    Perhaps the ratings drop simply indicates that the retail traders are largely out of the game now?

    Perhaps it is mostly just Gentle Ben and the investment banks around the poker table now.
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    All she was good for was when she was on the floor and the traders told her stupid shit to say on tv. AOL on fiyah!!
  4. it's the pasta.



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    thats because they are full of bull,haven't a clue,listen to them and you will get creamed
  6. its a business network, basically no one gives a shit. The only time the masses tune in is when the world is ending or the market is up 100% in a month. Thats about it.
  7. so a " long " trade then..............:)


  8. There needs to be a comparison, is there a similar fall of ratings with Bloomberg and Fox biz?
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    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!
  10. Have you got nothing else to say?
    I am tired of hearing about your loser friends.
    You have to be the most boring poster on this website.
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