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    I guess thats what stuns me about 2009 more than anything else. we had "an almost death like experience" yet every sucker who hyped and helped create the bubble of 2000 and 2007 is doing the same thing. joe kernan( in 1998 when lucent went to $10 and shot back up he said lucent would never see $10 in our lifetime and its now basically out of business). becky quick hyped like crazy in 2007 and still to this day is doing it. jim cramer has hyped non stop since the 90's. WHATS REALLY EYE CATCHING TO ME AND STUNNING IS NOBODYS MENTIONING SOME OF THE MOST VERTICAL CHARTS I'VE SEEN IN 30 YEARS. 1000'S OF STOCKS UP LIETERALLY 2-10 TIMES WITH VERY SMALL PULLBACKS. ITS LIKE 2008'S $2 TRILLION OF BANK LOSES NEVER HAPPENED. 2010 could be interesting.its not that people "never learn" its the utter
    drug like greed to chase prices rising and dreams of wealth overwhelm any caution of the past. all know its crazy whats happening but wall streets constant hype machine has addicted all like a herion addict.its like going to the drug rehab center to a recovering patient and laying out a stack of drugs and needle in the patients room. they know he can't help himself. when it ends in horror wall street has no shame for what they've done and the lifes they've destroyed and finds a whole new batch of addicts to rebuild the game. its wash rinse forever
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    Yea its ridiculous, but all their guests are sellers. Mutual funds, brokers etc.. They all are there to sell. The whole channel is an infomercial for services. So you really cant expect anything but, buy this or buy that. I check um out before the bell to see if there is any news, it can pay sometimes. Made some money on a nvda scalp last week because of intel news. Held it for all of 40 mins, that is all that channel is good for.
  4. ......bump.....swag method of market prediction.....:) .....:D .....:confused: ....
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    hopefully us traders (pushers) can make some money off this crazy scene