CNBC $1,000,000 challenge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taowave, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. taowave


    CNBC is sponsoring a 10 week,$1,000,000 trading contest where winner takes all....

    No entry fee,no downside other than a serious reality check,and myths will be shattered....

    I know $1,000,000 isnt much to you big swinging dicks,but there is no downside,so the excuses should be limited...

    Last years winner put up Jack Hershey type returns of 400% in apx eight weeks.....

    There are some restaints regarding the trading rules,but as the frog in the Geico commercial eloquently states,If someone offered you the chance at $1,000,000 with no risk,would you say No thanks,I dont like the rules??

    Whose in??
  2. mnx


    unfortunately for us canucks we can't particpate... ;( I'd participate for sure If I was a legal us resident...

    oh well...


  3. S2007S


    thats called nothing but LUCK.

    You cant even trade in Real Time.
  4. taowave


    A guy puts up 400% in 8 weeks and he deserves his due credit.I do agree with you that the restictions are a pain in the ass...

    None the less,for a shot at $1,000,000,I would find a way to adjust my parameters and take the shot......

    You are the official contributor to EXCUSE #1....

    keep them coming
  5. Ripley? Calling Ripley? Here is your chance to demonstrate your skills!:D

    I just kidding man. I hope you get your fund started.:)
  6. how much gain per week may get a realistic shot at winning 10K given the limitations?
  7. You mean Jack Hershey IMAGINARY returns... the last time I know of that he entered a trading contest, he finished LAST with -24%... I've posted the link before. You won't see Jack or any of his followers entering this!
  8. ggoyal


    where the hell is ripley. he should be jumping on this one. he has an opportuntiy to make 1/10 of his requirement. he is an expert trader and has a brilliant no lose scheme in which he only shorts stocks. he never goes long. go get it ripley. we have faith in u. good luck jackass.
  9. you can only go long, no margin and stocks must have market cap of $500M by 3/2/07
  10. Register your complaint here...I did.
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