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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by BENG, Apr 19, 2006.

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    CMT's Level 1 registration will be closed soon, however, I don't think I have time to really study for the exam.

    Despite that my free time is limited, I do believe that I've known most if not all the course materials for all CMT levels. That's why I'm tempted to take the exams, just because I think I can get it without working hard on it.

    Before I commit to the exam, I just want to know if there is any practice exam, so I can work on those materials instead of reading the books? This should save me some time, and increase the chance of passing it.

    Can anyone point me to the practice exam materials?

    If there is no such material, do I need to memorize any rule for the exam? Or it's just a practical exam?

    For those who got the CMT designation, do you think it's worthwhile? I don't really see a demand out there...

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    Thanks indahook, but... I really can't find any practice exam on the site. Can you point me to the exact link... I know it sounds stupid, but I really don't see it... Thanks!
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    All I can find from the CMT website's shopping cart is the books for the exam, not the practice exam. Any taker?

    I will feel so embarrassed if the info is really on the website...
  4. to receive the designation, you need to know CMTs and have TA experience, which is impossible for someone like me in Merrill..
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    TA experience, you just need to practice more, and be creative with the materials. My problem is not I don't know my stuffs, it's more like I want to nail the exam. I'm pretty bad in writing exams.

    Whatever company you are working on, it's meaningless. Big name companies only sound good on paper, you still have to know your stuffs.

    If I can take CMT Level 3 now, and I choose to write my own essay, I'm pretty sure I can pass it. I have multiple neat TA projects I've done in the past, any of the less useful idea can be submitted, and it will still be good enough for passing the CMT Level 3.