CMT - is this a good program?

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  1. CMT - chartered market technician

    has anyone gone for this designation? i'm not particularly as interested in the street value (resume credential) of this program than the relavent information needed to improve my trading. of course, it's always good to add credentials

    the website is:
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    It will help your understanding of the markets and how they interact with each other.
  3. wdscott


    I am currently a CMT level III candidate. So far it has really broadened my understanding of TA and helped fill the knowledge gaps I previously had.

  4. thanks.

    the program is pretty expensive given the cost of the books. i guess what this program does is force you to read the books. alright, so the knowledge aquired is a given... has the (or pursuing) designation helped in finding a job?
  5. it may help get you a job I guess, but honestly I think it will be more of an impediment to your profitability as a trader. I can't remember a single technical analyst on CNBC giving consistently reliable predictions that can be acted upon. They are actually good contrarian indicators. TA alone in its text book version is an inherently flawed approach to the markets.
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    What kinda companies would require CMT in order to get hired?
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    Working on my CFA right now. CMT going to be next. I think both are important for well rounded analysis ability of markets since every market is related to some degree.
  8. "What kinda companies would require CMT in order to get hired?"

    maybe not a requirement but a strong asset
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    Exams and certfications tell that you can take good exams......not that you are a good trader who uses the information gained into the real world. 90 days after the exam, a student would remember only 17% of what he crammed....if he does not keep in touch.

    Trading is much more creative work than taking exams on 5 decade old theories, especially if you trade systems.
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    You're better off going for a PH.d in Fuzzy logic than a CMT. You get about the same respect.
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