CMT + CFA = Job ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by CN2000, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. CN2000


    Working on my CMT level II right now. CFA is going to be next. What type of jobs can I apply if I complete all levels?

    I have experience trading with my money using TA (Forex) and Fundamentals (Mutual Funds).

    Any chances of getting a good job?

  2. Looking at financial jobs, there isn't much demand
    for them, anyone agree, at least i couldn't find any?
  3. azmi


    i respectfully disagree....the CFA charter has become the industry standard for any job relating to trading, financial advisory, port. management and investment banking. If you go on the corporate website for pretty much any financial institution they all encourage you strongly to be enrolled or have aquired the CFA charter. MBA has become quite tertiary at this stage -- unlike the 80's and early 90's when having the MBA was the be all/end all of getting a job. You could get a job back then..but the chances of you keeping it? Slim....which is why last year the highest number of candidates from wall street in the history of the CFA institute wrote the exam (the first level anyway).

    CMT - industry standard for tech. analysts. Combined on your resume will be extremely interesting to pretty much any markets related job.

    go for it...i have!
  4. I disagree also. I recruit part time.

    Your CFA will relate more to a fixed income position than anyting if you want to stay in trading. Otherwise performance analyst, maybe a product mgr etc.

    The CFA is a great piece of paper to have but you need good experience to back it up.


  5. the CFA might land you an interview, if you cant back it up you will be out of there in 10 min.

    it is a standard for portfolio managers and analyst, period. not for trading.

    as for top notch MBA it takes priority over the CFA,CAIA,CMT,and all others combined.
  6. CN2000


    Thank you!

    I started trading and investing in December 2004. My plan is as follows:

    CMT II - April 2006
    CMT III - October 2006
    CFA I - December 2006
    CFA II - December 2007
    CFA III - December 2008

    Then, with CFA + CMT + 4 years trading/investing my money, I will apply for a job as ?????? in the finance/investment industry. Currently I am a hotel assistant general manager and I have been working in this industry all my life. I study Economy and Statistics by myself and I hold a bachelor degree in Hotel Management.

    I will be 35 by 2008 :D Does this sound bold for you guys? Or shall I go for it? I want to make a career change but even if it doesn't happen I think that CFA + CMT will give me a much better understanding of the market mechanics.

    Share your thoughts please!
  7. in my opinion, CMT and CFA do not really go together. CFA is traditionally for sell side or buy side equity research or portfolio managers. CMT is for trading. The CFA crowd will look at you funny becuase they are fundamental analysis based. the CMT crowd will look at your cfa and say what the hell.
  8. range


    I agree.

    Choose one and do that. CFA I is marketable, but mainly for fundamental equity or fixed research.

    CMT is less marketable, IMHO, but if that is what you want to do, do it.
  9. MogulB


    Sounds great, please keep us posted!
  10. Computers and programmers =90% trading volume soon = no more TA jobs by humans... = "welcome to Mcdonalds may I take your order"
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