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  1. pips it

    pips it

    Good day everyone,

    I wonder if anyone have or is trading with CMSfx, I am doing my little research to be able to make up my mind where to move my accounts!!

    Honestly, I find CMSfx as a good company, yet I want the review of their live traders, specially ORDER FILLING DURING HECTIC MARKET CONDITION (NFP...), SPREAD AND HOW FIX IS IT?!?

    Those are my concerns, all feedbacks are most welcomed.

  2. Yea there are very good,therefore they one week long experiencing with server (on VT platform site) and looks like today will be off today for all day. :mad:
  3. ...but on the other hand,the VT trading patform is excelent and stable,also broker is very good.Never any problem (till now with VT)...but I hope they fix it really soon.
  4. carlito


    I never had problems with them : ordre execution, bank wire, platform quality is ok, trading in the chart is very pleasant, however since friday they have sometimes connexion problems i hope they will solve the problem, i day trade with cms since 2 years (between 2 and 5 trades per day) and for the moment i can't complain about them.
  5. pips it

    pips it

    well, another strange thing I have now about them is that I have contacted them for some more information about them and i've been waiting since tuesday for an answer back!!!! ARE THEY THAT BAD WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!?
  6. Their customer support is average in the industry.

    But the platform makes up for it.

    I heard they have about 40 employees, that is not a lot for all they do.

    Software People, Customer Support, and others.

    I was with a Direct Access Software Provider and we had about 80 at the peak, before things starting going down, for Stock Trading.
  7. omozali



    I too are interested in CMSfx. One thing really bothers me though. Although deposit/withdrawls can be made by checks or paypal they insist on getting the bank account and the routing number. This made me nervous.

    Any of you had any problems with this?
  8. carlito


    I never had any problemes with it, for deposits i use paypal they don't ask me any banking information, maybe because they already have it since i made the first deposit by wire.
    For withdrawals it is normal they ask this information it is for your safety, to check that the person who asks a withdrawal is really the owner of the account.
    From europe pay pal deposit takes 3 days.

  9. The platform and charts are good, though I think, there should be an option in 'Settings' to get rid of all their confirmation windows.
  10. johnedoe


    If you are concerned about giving out your bank acct numbers open a seperate account with a different bank and only fund it for the deposit of funds to the broker, then keep only a minimum bal in the account.
    when you want money from the broker have it deposited into that account then withdraw it and place it in your main bank.
    Just a simple intermediate account,,,,,no muss no fuss.
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