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  1. wobble


    CMSFX has been down all day.... what's going on?

    I've heard rumors that they are going to be shut down or declaring bankruptcy.

    Anyone know anything else?

    Should we pull out our funds?
  2. Cybren


    I have heard it's an ISP problem, which makes sense, as their website is also not reachable.

    Hope that is the problem.
  3. wobble


    Everything of their's is down.

    Website -
    Software Support site -
    Their Demo server -
    Their Live server -
    Their foreign sites

    Wouldn't you think that some of these would be on separate networks or ISPs?

    Don't they have backup ISPs? I have, even at home.
  4. meatstick


    Where did you hear these rumors? Don't scare me bro I have a relatively large account with them. :(
  5. Cybren


    Same here, large account, and already lost one in RefcoFX

    Actually, everything worked until around 5.00 AM EST, and pulling the plug in New York at that time is a bit weird.
  6. sim03


    Has anyone here heard of an antique 19th century invention called the telephone?
  7. wobble


    Sim03, I've been calling them every 30mins since they have been down and I have been getting the same response.

    "Please check in 30mins"
  8. Cybren


    Website is back on, chat is working again. Some people should be able to logon again.

    Hmmmmm, now website is down again. Seems ISP problems for real.
  9. wobble


    They are an incompetent bunch of idiots!

    Outage for an entire day!

    No backups or redundant systems.

    No risk management!

    Would you leave your money with them?

    They are the type of people that end up becoming a Refco type of story.
  10. Cybren


    I managed to logon to one of two accounts. Other still no go. They will probably get that one up and running any minute now.

    Scary still.
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