CMS out?

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  1. Anyone alse can´t login in to VT via CMSfx all day today? :confused:
  2. yep, I think they're down. Their website just came back online but the program isnt working yet.
  3. Hayek


    Old trick by shops.

    You may arrange a trip to relax nerve in next non-farm payroll day.
  4. Yea they called me that they have technical poblems just for today...
  5. carlito


    Even their website was down yesterday, oanda, cmc had problems too, however it's been a long time since I had problems with cms the quality and the reliability of their platform has progressed a lot since I opened my account 2 years ago.
    They respect their stoploss : one day because of economic news release my position went 80 pips against me, and they have respected my stop of 25 pips even if prices have jumped above it in a few seconds, I was pleased when I checked my accound and see they didn't rob me!
    Many people on elitetrader think that fx brokers are thieves, I can tell you that my opinion is diffrerent : good trades in the good direction are winners, bad trades in the bad direction are loosers, you can't do anything against this, brokers will not turn a price up move into a price down move just to make you lose money and play your nerves.The less customers they have, the less trades they handle the less money they make, remeber that!
    I admit that for the scalpers the situation is certainly different but when you play for 20/60 pips you can't say it is the broker who made you lose or win, only your talent can make the difference!
    Good trading to every one !
  6. Hayek,
    Nice name!

  7. carlito: u´re their sales manager? :D
  8. Everybody loves ET. :D
  9. carlito


    i am not their sale manager, but i wanted to say is that

    - if if I buy gbp 1.7540
    - stoploss à 1. 7515
    -planing to take profits à 1.7580,

    cms will not take the market to 1.7500 just to frighten me, every time my stoploss has been hit on real trading account at cms, i have checked other broker 's rates/charts and my stop loss would have been hit with other brokers too (and these brokers don't know my trade!), so cms is not responsible for my loss it is just that I was in the wrong direction, and it happens too often unfortunately for my bank account!
    Don't blame brokers when you have a loosing trades, just check other broker's charts or any real time chart supplier and you will see that your trade was was wrong that's all.
    I don't say that forex is not manipulated , that brokers, never take the other side of your trade etc.....but believe me it is not these manipulations that make you a looser or a winner, it is only you!A good trade is a good trade a rubbish trade is a rubbish trade!When you are long in a bearish price movement how can you blame cms or oanda or ib for your loss!
    there are really funny traders on ET !
    Good trades to every one
  10. I am using it on the advice of my mentor.

    He was a beta tester on the VT Trader Platform, he says its been very stable so far.

    I have been using it for 3 months.

    Every Broker should have a backup server system though.
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