CMS Forex - worst broker I ever meet!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by FXGambler, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I think about it since few weeks and decide to write this post.



    1. They have worst customer service I ever meet. Never do what You ask him. You will wait few days for any response!

    2. Forget abount phone. They dont like to talk with You personally.

    3. There is no rulles for transfer in CMS. Sometimes it is 2 days, sometimes 5 or more.

    4. Visual Trading use java lenguage, if You change interval from example from Daily to 1 hour, trend lines will dance on your screen :p

    5. And finally - they have small SERVER. Never know when disconnect You from forex trading. Sometimes they will swich them down intentionally! For ex. You can't trade during Nonfarm payrolls! NEVER!

    So, don't be stiupid.
    Stay away from Capital Market Services LLC!

  2. OMG again disconnection today....seriously think about of close my acc. with them.God.:confused:
  3. Wellcome to real world
  4. damo484


    is there any light??? ............. anyone??????

    this whole forex broker thing is like one very big can of expensive worms..
  5. Not if you choose to treat trading as a business, rather than a hobby, and do your homework first, like any other business.

    Even though, at the end of the day, trading is unlike any other business, in some ways.
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    FX can't be your hobby. Its to hard (much more then stocks).
    But even if it could be, CMS is to stresfull, better have fun with Oanda.