C'mon you Nation of Cowards

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  1. I am a black man.

    Let's get it out in the air white boys:)

    Let's really talk about race.

    Come one, come all. I will be reasoned, truthful, and direct.

    Let's get it on you Honkys:D
  2. Do black men have anger issues?
  3. And by the way ofays, this nigger does not live on ET, so the answers to some questions may be delayed, cause unlike your rich white slave owning asses, I got to pick my cotton for a living, so I will get back ASAP, okay?
  4. Well, fuck yea! If it weren't for all the drugs whitey dumped in our hoods, we might actually get to go live in peace.
  5. Lucrum


    So does whitey also shove those pills down your throat, stick the needles in your arm, light and poke those pipes in your mouth?

    It's a rhetorical question negro.
  6. Holder says we are supposed to hang out on the week end. Hate to break the news to ya, but I have no friends and I like it like that.

    P.s. I have no questions.
  7. Well, my ancestors were whitey folk sent to the prison colonies of New England, (thats australia) from Scotland, ireland, in prison ships containing hundreds of persons, destined for the new world, for crimes as simple as stealing a loaf of bread.

    Unwed teenagers, thieves, fraudsters, robbers, murderers, mostly petty criminals-were shipped-slave brides, convicts under the whip and lash of da'man.

    Does that help, black folk with issues in the US, that whitey was equally screwed by the system?
  8. Ok...I'll start,

    Barry looks whiter in the morning. As the day weres on he turns blacker.

    What's up with that?

  9. Addiction does not discriminate. In fact, needles and pills are the domain of poor whites!

  10. I think it the lighting in the room. Or the myth that a lot of us get us after noon, while yall get up in the mornin!:p
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