Cmon, you didnt read rich dad poor dad?

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  1. Im slowly buying in my retirement accounts from the redemption/margin call/puking it up sellers. Distressed sellers. Emphasis on slowly.

    Who better to buy from?

    I dont know equities as well as commodities, but this feels like disorderly panic. If we get 1000+ points down in one day Ill go 100%. If it doesnt come back my 401k will be the least of my worries.

    Kiyosaki is a tool but that book changed my life.

    We live in interesting times.
  2. exactly the same viewpoint i share if we go down by more than 1000 points in one day market would def be the LEAST of my worries.

    Those who have cash NOW are incredibly lucky.
  3. also important to mention - my timeframe is over 30 years. Hopefully that day I turn 59.5 a stock broker will come to my bunker or the bridge ive been living under and tell me Im a millionaire, and my fortune can buy me a big bottle of vodka. That will really make my day. Ill probably shoot the guy anyways. I think I will be pretty irritable as a senior citizen in a post apocalyptic world. Totally gonna shoot him.
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    I think you will do well in your investment for the next years and years. and yes kiosaky is a tool
  5. pretty funny. i'm with you. ive been nibbling this week, and am ready to go in big pretty soon. if dow drops below 8000 tomorrow, i'm gonna invest about 50% of my cash in market. altho i'm looking at foreign markets more than US.
  6. I have to hand it to Kiyosaki, in his book 'Rich Dad's Prophecy' which was written during the bear market of 2002 he predicted the market would recover and stage a rally until 2007/08. At which point it would start to go down again..
  7. Yeah, I like the commodity story long term, which means I like a lot of international stuff. Im hoping the US comes out of the mess first and best, because my 401k's international option (singular) leaves much to be desired. I think Im talking my position here though.

    I think Im moving to Brazil in the next 18 months, no joke.
  8. but not for this reason. He attributed it to baby-boomers withdrawing funds. Good enough though.
  9. Well, in hindsight, it is a problem isn't it? What with the 401k redemptions and all :p
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    Hey milktruck, where is my assrape? I waited all day for you with my heels and nighty on and you never showed. I'm ripping your balls off with pliers for standing me up, we'll see how important that 401k is then.

    I think your dad was sexually abusive.
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