c'mon ...we're not gonna lose

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  1. all of yesterdays gains are we?

    wow the floor is falling out.

    The fed needs to do something. A rate cut of the discount window or an infusion. Or an ailing bank needs to be bailed out or merged.
  2. CNBC is broadcasting the BAC CEO speech that is probably going to pump the market.

    If we don't get a pop today you could be banned! :D
  3. 1,254 turder
  4. Past two days we've seen very strong EOD bounces

    I'm certain the so called PPT wont't let the spooz close below 1252
  5. S2007S


    Yesterday the dow was up 152 today as I write this its down 155.

    Taking back everything it gave yesterday, I would wait until GE earnings, which in my opinion will not be good, DOW by friday could be below 11k.
  6. S2007S


    I highly doubt it, the dow will sink below 11k.

    Look at FRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Single digits for FRE soon
  7. bad GE numbers priced in
  8. Nope
  9. Market seems to be forming a base for the past four days.

    PPT has money on the side and will jam the market higher in these last 40 minutes.
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    Hey maybe they'll buy your stocks from you.
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