C'mon, this is too good to be true!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Ash1972, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Ash1972


    Alessio Rastani, the bearish trader who scared BBC viewers with his recession predictions and declared that Goldman Sachs rules the world, is not quite the hot shot he made himself out to be.

    He's got about $1,542.70 in the bank and his trading assets are $15,737.17 in the red. Plus he's living with his girlfriend in her (mortgaged) house.

    What's his ET handle, I wonder? :)

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  2. sheda


    Could it be Mr "they just lose and I like to talk about it":D
  3. newwurldmn


    What's amazing is that the BBC (arguably the most powerful news organization in the world) had to talk to this joker instead of the head of any hedgefund or bank.
  4. Ash1972


    Maybe that was the whole point. Everyday the BBC gets some banking suit on who pretends to be concerned about the global economy. This guy was amusing.
  5. S2007S


    WAIT WAIT so whats the big deal how much he has in his accounts, its simply an opinion he had, dont we see money managers with billions of dollars under managements making wrong fucking predictions every day, look at abbey cohen and her 1450 SPX prediction by the end of 2011, how far is that bullish call off, she even said September might not be so bad, well it sure was.

    I agreed with most of what that guy was saying, you dont need hundreds of millions of dollars to have an opinion on something especially with what is going on, why anyone would be in shock after what he said is beyond me. Would be funny if a year from now his call is right on the money which I give more than 50% chance of happening. Anyone who thinks this global debt/credit crisis is going away anytime soon is a complete fool, this isnt going away for many, many, many years, most likely decades!
  6. Who knows what the real story is with the guy, but I find it pretty frightening that within a day or two of his appearance, the press has basically combed thru his finances and released them to the public.

    This is really another case of shooting the messenger, while largely ignoring what was said. It's just so much easier to label the guy another wingnut and hope that people forget what was said ASAP.
  7. I watched him the other day. Just listened with an open mind, and see what sticks, "protect your assets" was the message I got. A simple reminder.