C'mon McCain Supporters. Force McCain to Dump Palin. This Isn't Funny Anymore.

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  1. McCain is 72 and has had several bouts of cancer.

    In case he wins the election, and something happens to him, please don't let this:

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    ...be the next POTUS.

    This isn't funny anymore. I don't know if McCain will win or lose, but even you should all be concerned at this point.
  2. heheha hehe....she said "tapped."
  3. It would be funny if it weren't so damned sad.
  4. Why are people surprised. Over 8 previous years we got used to some moronic phrases:

    "Axis Of Evil"
    "They hate freedom"
    "If you are not with us, you are against us" the last phrase is something you would expect to hear from a mob boss not a head of state...
  5. President Palin.

    Get used to it.
  6. Lucrum


    "Force McCain to Dump Palin."

    Exactly how is the average voter going to accomplish that?
  7. I like it better than President Barrack Hussein Obama.
  8. Did she ever ask Obama where his crazy ideas came from? As I recall, she sat there looking like she wanted to go down on him.

    Did she ask Biden what he was thinking about stealing Neil Kinnock's speech, which made it sound like Biden's family were coal miners held down by an oppressive class system when the truth was his family had been rich?
  9. Oh c'mon.

    These aren't difficult questions she's being asked.

    I mean, how many softball questions has Palin totally whiffed on now?

    She's a total and complete intellectual lightweight. Admit it. She is in so far over her head, there is no fixing her.

    McCain, Obama and Biden are NASA physicists compared to Palin. She makes Dan Quayle look like Enrico Fermi.

    I'd make a deal right now based on my sincerity (if I could): I'd agree to McCain as POTUS if he named Romney as his VP.

    That's how scary a potential Palin as President is to me.
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