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  1. OH THE SHAME! (you heard it first right here on the forum long ago when the fake canadians tried to cover it up but failed).

    Look closely at the Flag of Shame.

    In a statement on its website, Idle No More said the gathering was to "honour all of the lives lost to the Canadian state."

    'Shame on Canada': Thousands attend Cancel Canada Day rally on Parliament Hill
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    After years of TreeFrogTrader posting racist content on this site, with his ongoing theme that some Canadians are "Fake" and others are not, he's decided to be a champion on this topic.

    How nice. I doubt they would ever want him as a spokesman. After all, he's an avid racist on this site, has plenty negative to say about Muslims and immigrants of any type. But nothing's going to stop him from further victimizing the young people who were murdered by the followers of several organized Churches in Canada. He's going to use them as a tool in his online trolling and games. That's just the kind of person he is.

    This whole "Fake Canadian" narrative is one of the dumbest themes I've ever seen on the internet. And he continues with it for years, that's how dumb this Man Child is.
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    What total crap you post on this site. Honestly, you are no different then TreeFrogTrader on this.
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    He's obviously being facetious/hyperbolic on this over Canada's restrictions on hate speech. Someone mentioned context in a previous post. Context is gone when you can write the rules around what constitutes "hate speech". These rules on hate speech are only as good as those in power willingness to respect them. I hope Canada stays the course, and for the most part shit hasn't gone on the deep end for those countries with similar laws, but I'm starting to see some stuff in Scandinavia that's concerning. Never mind autocracies that use similar laws to go against dissent (Russia pushing anti-gay measures saying it infringes on religious citizen liberties for instance).
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    I truly do not think you understand the few Indigenous Canadian members at this forum and most likely not the few Indigenous American members at this forum. I'm a citizen of both countries and I can say that Canada cares enough to actually now searching the grave sites associated with the historical residential schools...
    • So far...the United States has not.
    Do you understand the Indigenous culture and how the Indigenous Americans helped the Indigenous Canadians to give birth to Canada ?

    Complaints about the residential schools in Canada and United States for +100 years involving missing children or children suddenly dying for unknown reasons and then buried in either unmarked graves, graves with just a first name or buried on top of each other because the school ran out of burial land...

    All of these schools in both countries were under the guidance of the Christian Missionaries, Catholic Church and the governments of both countries. They all have the shitty hand prints all over this tragedy...not just one...all of them including the surrounding communities that allowed such under their noise.

    As I stated before many years ago and recently, Indigenous families have been complaining and no one gave a shit. I myself have had message posts deleted here @ Elitetrader.com because they were deemed "off topic" when I first arrived at this forum.
    • Nobody wants to hear it.
    It reminds me of my childhood in the summers in South Dakota with my grandmother (Lakota Sioux)...Indigenous Canadians would cross the border looking for their children in the American Residential Schools via rumors that they may be there after disappearing from Canada.

    Just the same, Indigenous Americans would cross the border into Canada looking for their missing children in the Canada Residential Schools via rumors that they be there after disappearing from America.

    To boycott Canada Day...they should do the same for July 4th Celebrations in America because many missing Indigenous American children still have not be found. As I've stated before, the residential schools in Canada are now being searched...

    America is next and do not pretend the cemeteries or burial sites associated with United States Indian Boarding Schools are off limits for search too considering the same complaints are associated with the U.S. schools too.
    • As a veteran that has spent time at different military installations / property...some of these burial site locations of former United States Indian Boarding schools makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up...something insidious about them.
    A good place to start is in Pennsylvania on the ground of the old Carlisle Indian Industrial School that's now owned by the United States Military and other places now own by the United States military across the United States...in Kentucky, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and many other states.
    I remember very well as a youth when I lived with my Grandmother that some of the Sioux Canadians from Manitoba / Saskatchewan would come to South Dakota and put posters on poles...looking for their kids.

    I also remember a women whom 10 year old daughter disappeared and last seen talking to the South Dakota police officers. Her mother would travel all over South Dakota and Manitoba / Saskatchewan Canada looking for her daughter...never finding her even though she heard a rumor her daughter had been sent to a residential school in Canada...against her will.

    Never heard from again.

    Don't be naive and use a tragedy like this for your own gain. Missing Indigenous children in both countries...nobody cared because the complaints have been loud for +100 years...not enough to even have our photos put on Milk cartons that use to list missing American kids.
    • Anybody remember those pictures the United States government use to put on Milk cartoons of missing kids. I do and it was done in the mid 1980s...Kentucky, Illinois, South Dakota before it went nationwide for a few years ??? :banghead:
    Not once in the United States do I remember seeing an Indigenous American kid on one of those milk cartoons when I sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal as a teenager. We were not important enough nor white enough to make it on a cartoon of Milk.

    You want to talk about boycotting (cancel) Canada Day...you should then boycott (cancel) July 4th Independence Day.

    Seriously, walk that talk yourself if you want the Canadian members of this forum to boycott Canada Day. Just as serious...I thought you were somewhat the type of a person that did not support protesting...would that be a contradiction ???

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    I guess on July 4th you can deal with the shame of dropping two A bombs needlessly on Japan. Or the many unfortunate black men and women that got killed in the US at the hands of racist Americans. Or your own dealings with native people that I have no knowledge of but apparently your hands are not clean in this area either.

    Plenty of atrocities committed by "Real" Americans and Canadians. What can we do about it now ? For one, you can stop posting racist content on this site. Can you even contribute that much, or are your beliefs so ingrained you can't help buy do this ?

    Trying to shame Canadians that are entirely role less in any of this is childish and suggests you have no real moral fiber. Which is not surprising given your previous content.
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  8. This Canada Day, let’s remember: this country was built on genocide
    Mumilaaq Qaqqaq

    People across the country are waking up to the reality that Canada is a country built on the violent dispossession of Indigenous peoples. The horrifying reports of unmarked graves of children at residential “schools” in Kamloops, British Columbia, Brandon, Manitoba, and most recently Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan have shocked many Canadians and others around the world. However, these were not discoveries, but confirmations of what we knew all along: Canada was built on genocide.

    The Guardian view on Canada’s residential schools: an atrocity still felt today
    Read more

    In light of this, cities and towns across the country are rethinking Canada Day. Some, like Victoria, have cancelled it outright while others, like Iqaluit, are scaling back the celebrations and treating it as a day of reflection and mourning. This is a good thing. Whether they are happening in backyard barbecues in southern Canada or in city council meetings in Nunavut, these conversations about the reality of colonization that is still at the very core of this country are long overdue.

    This isn’t ancient history. Nowhere is this more true than in Nunavut, the territory I represent in Canada’s parliament. Until around the 1950s, Inuit lived as they had for thousands of years. Then the Canadian state expanded its presence in the north and colonized the Arctic as part of their drive for natural resources and to claim sovereignty over lands and waters. We were forced into squalid settlements, sled dogs were shot by the Mounties, and children were sent to residential schools that were meant to eradicate Indigenous culture. These joint projects of church and state were hotspots for child abuse and sexual assault carried out by priests and school administrators, most of whom have escaped justice for their crimes.

    Fast forward 70 years. Inuit have survived. My people are resilient, strong and proud. Nunavut itself, Canada’s youngest territory, was founded by survivors. They came together and forced the federal institution to recognize Inuit sovereignty. We celebrate this on 9 July, Nunavut Day, the anniversary of the Land Claims Agreement that founded our territory. The federal institution may have failed to assimilate us, but the reality is that Canada is still committing genocide in Nunavut and across the nation.

    While the last residential school closed its doors in 1996, the foster care system continues to snatch Indigenous children from their families and communities. More than 50% of children in foster care in Canada are Indigenous, but they account for less than 8% of the child population. The intergenerational trauma of colonization and the callous neglect by the federal institution means that suicide is an epidemic and women and girls go missing or are murdered at extremely high rates. As I saw on my tour of some of the poorest communities in Nunavut last summer, far too many Nunavummiut live in homes that are mouldy, overcrowded and unsafe. The cause of this crisis is simple: decades of federal underfunding and neglect.

    Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Qikiqtani Truth Commission. Talk to your friends and neighbours about the need for real Indigenous justice in Canada. When Indigenous groups organize protests and marches, show up and support them. And make sure your elected representatives know that they will never be re-elected if they are silent in the face of injustice. Sooner or later, when we have an election in this country, refuse to vote for political leaders who talk the talk without walking the walk. If enough people do that, maybe Indigenous peoples can have the right to self-determination, and we will have something to celebrate in this country.

    • Mumilaaq Qaqqaq is a member of the Canadian House of Commons, representing Nunavut
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    Can we keep the derailing to a minimum? There's already a Canada troll bait thread lost in oblivion. I get the sense from the respondents not on my ignore list that TFT is attempting to hijack this thread.
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    My observation is when hate crimes, atrocities, or racist actions are uncovered that Canadians tend to be quicker then Americans to note them for what they are and condemn them. Some of the posters on here are expecting Canadians to go an extra mile that Americans aren't even close to doing so.
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