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    F'n A.
    I was gonna warn you guys off this one last week. My bad.
    I don't know what they changed, but it just doesn't taste as good. This is not just me, this is a lot of folk I query.
    Regardless of taste.... you can take this to the bank.... same store sales are gonna set a record low. Sorry Cramer. Your whole 18 month thing (theory on food scares.... which is ridiculous and based on nothing.... but I love ya bro) worked last month.... but hear the wisdom of the streets.... SSS's are gonna plummet.
    26 PE or lower on the way.
    I'm pissed I didn't post what I already knew last week.
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    "thats not gonna be good for anybody"

    Last time it dropped $200
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    It was all in that head & shoulders I saw on the chart yesterday. T/A predicts these things lol;)

    I'll tell ya what,... this coupled with the soon to be released ER in which I KNOW the same store sales are gonna be horrible... pfff.... it should break $250 for a multi-year low.
    Its consolidating right now at $367 as suckers are buying the hopes of a bounce... $365's a given today.
    I wouldn't wanna own it.
    But I shorted pigflix today so wtf do I know. :D
  6. I'm on board...just opened a bearish position I this one.

    I ate at their first store when it was the only one. Moved on to greener pastures years ago though (a more local favorite, and with better food and choice). I'm take your word for current quality.

    You in this one Z? Or just a call?
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    Inverted mirror 3 year image...
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    Drop the chalupa. Move on to something else. There is something fundamentally wrong with these people. Second out-break in a year. Bad juju.

    When was the last time you read of a food-bourne-illness outbreak at the bigger guys like BK McD or Wendys?

    Oh, wait a minute...I think Mr. Trump was the only one infected with Mad Cow (BSE). He might have gotten that from McD. He is certainly acting insane. Hehe
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