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  1. did anyone get on this stock for a daytrade? this is moving like GOOG... :D
  2. Actually, this stock makes GOOG look tame. The spreads on this thing are death though, so my hats off to guys navigating this thing successfully.
  3. does the specialist play nasty tricks, or is it auto-nx-able all the time?
  4. KevinK

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    Yeah, it came up on my scans, but with the spreads, a scalp trade becomes much more difficulty and quite untouchable.
  5. geez I didn't notice the spread ! I once daytraded it when it was at 170 I don't recall the spred being so unpredicatble I just saw it at 50 cent +, sometime it narrows to a few cents. Are specialists allowed to do that ?
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    If this merger goes through, wouldn't this ultimately be bad for CBOT traders? From what i understand, CBOT fees are much lower than the CME's.