Discussion in 'Trading' started by sammybea, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. sammybea


    Has anyone noticed the sharp rise in the stock lately for CME. Does anyone have suggestions as to whether short or go long? Just seems unusual to me to have that type of movement for a stock that merely represents an exchange.
  2. prox


    Looks like major short squeezing, and a parabolic infinite curve.

    I wouldn't mess with it.
  3. Trajan


    OMG, and they make a boat load of money to justify it. I would think they could look at other markets, say like the equity options. They could buy one of the exchanges on the cheap, dump the floor and make it all electronic quicker than it will take Eurex to do the same.
  4. more and more volume in equity products
    is going electronic, which gives the
    cme more income.

    i do not know, but if there where
    secret plans to shut down the floor,
    this would bring additional income
    to the CME as they charge much
    more for a globex trade than a pit trade
    for an exch member.
  5. Pabst


    The CME signed a lucrative agreement to clear the CBOT's trades. The CBOT clearinghouse (owned largely by institutions as opposed to floor traders) looks likely to be the clearinghouse for EUREX. Rumors persist of possible merger between CME and CBOT.