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  1. CME got battered today.

    Nothing wrong with the company, if anything it can only stand to make more money in the crunch. No debt, no problems that I know of.

    Overreaction? Good buy?
  2. the stock used to be a 50 a long time ago

    thats when happens when these things top out
  3. CME is going ot face further pressure from the four seasons exchange and ice... the clearing situation which gives the cme a ton of cash could also be chaned in the future.. when four seasons happens it will reduce the amount cme can charge for clearing since it currently has a basic monopoly .. they will reduce the fees which will be good for all of us who trade...

    CME is a good company.. it is a great company.. but tis fees will start to come down as other competitors start to offer good liquidity and better fees. just like ICE
  4. Thought it can never go down.
  5. bradstal


    solid company but still over priced. This is one stock that can move either way and currently i think it will test the low 400's again as we did a few weeks back.
  6. CME prints money. They're a cash machine and they pay a dividend. There going to take a hit because the entire financial industry is in turmoil, and CME is in fact part of the financial industry.

    I think its a long term buy.