CME...why is it up today?

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  1. what's your opinion on CME?
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    Wide BA spreads in a normal market, and anal raping BA spreads in a fast market. Trades erratically and prone to massive fake-outs. Trading CME options caused a huge drawdown in my account during Feb 2007, when the DOW mysteriously dropped 500 points on one day. Remember that? CME is very difficult to trade because it has low volume and a large share price. My advice is to trade one of the other 5000 stocks on the US exchanges.
  3. cme is acquiring nmx, nmx is ice's main competitor. senate passes energy trading regulation bill which essentially effects ice but not nmx/cme. (thats the quicky). also cbot & cme floors are now integrated meaning merger going well.
  4. CME down big, where is the bottom?
  5. down again, what's the latest rumors on CME?
  6. CME, NMX, ICE all down about 2% perhaps due to expanding CFTC investigation on speculative activities in commodities trading. CME and Soros are to testify before Senate panel.

    These kind of publicity are never good for the business.
  7. they do not understand that they need to make decent mkt conditions on (CBOT) Tsy... :p
  8. I'm thinking of going long around 400 - 401. It bounced hard from 399 yesterday. I believe 400 offers strong support. What do you guys think?
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    if you never try to pick a bottom in your whole life I dont think you are going to miss anything, chances are it will save you money
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but CME bears no blame for high oil prices. They simply arrange buyers and sellers.
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