CME "Trade Against a Pro" Trading Challenge - December 8th Sunday - 13th Friday

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    CME Group Trade Against a Pro Trading Challenge

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    December 8th Sunday - 13th Friday 2019

    This is a notification about another CME Group Trade Against A Pro Trading Challenge competition. I myself will not be competing in the competition due to health reasons (currently recovering from a recent surgery). In fact, I believe the CME Group has had few of these types of trading competitions this year so far involving the Trade Against A Pro Trader.

    Also, the CME Group has other trading competitions such as a tournament for those that trade the Micro E-mini futures. I recommend you register with the CME to receive alerts about the trading competitions.

    I've competed in one trading challenge (Trade Against A Pro Challenge) back in March 2019 thanks to the notification by member snax but will miss this one due to recovering from a recent surgery. I finish 144th out of 1,680 trading competitors. My user name in trading competitions is Matoskah Akecheta.

    More information about the December Trading Competition @

    Good luck and hope you can win a prize before Christmas December will be a nice Xmas gift to yourself.

    By the way, for those interested in the University Trading Competitions...more information @

    The university trading competitions are a few times per year. Further, many of the universities also go on to compete in the famous Rotman International Trading Competition @

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    Great post!
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    PS: This website is horrible.
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    Welcome, speedo

    If you have questions that are not addressed in the rules or resources, please email

    Thank you for participating in our Trading Challenge!
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    What were the % results of 3 top participants in last edition ?
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    The contest is SIM trading over a 5 day span - this comes down to luck in picking an option or a micro cap biotech stock breaking out.

    These kind of contest anyone could throw a dart a win, it is not built on skill & no consequences. This is the lottery/casino mentality.
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  8. Use SPY and buy OTM options just below the end of the range both ways, can't go tits up.
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  9. I'm in..
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    I'm not sure about the results of the "last edition" if you're referring to any of their most recent competitions. For example, I believe there's been two University competitions and one Micro E-mini futures competition.

    Yet, I think the last Trade Against a Pro trader competition may have been March the one I enter for traders of Futures & Options. In that competition, the 1st place person was OF4 (30 trades) with +99k profits on a 100k account. 2nd place person James Burdue (18 trades) with +84k on 100k. 3rd place person was rsa7 (198 trades) with +81k on 100k.

    That's the same competition I finish 144th (14 losers) with +13k profits but I only traded 2 days of the competition due to conflict with my real money trades whereas the top traders were trading day & night (almost as if they were not sleeping).

    Big movement on the leader board took place on the 1st and last trading day (in the overnight price movements) of the competition. Also, the trade execution platform (web base) is a little strange...takes some getting use to and I highly recommend practice a little prior to the competition.

    I have a nephew and niece that recently competed with their universities in the Rotman and the CME trading competition. Their colleges did very well in the university standings.

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