CME to launch Micro Bitcoin futures in May

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by FSU, Mar 30, 2021.

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    Just saw this was already posted, apologies.
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  3. maxinger


    That makes sense.

    Hope that increases the volume.

    currently btc futures volume is at the pathetic level of about 10k / day
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  4. SabreMan


    No it doesnt make sense.

    The Big contract at $250,000 notional.

    And the micro contract at $5000 notional, is way too small.

    That is just greed on CME's part to generate more exchange fees.

    You want to control 1 BTC worth of futures, you pay CME 10 lots of fees.

    It should have been around 1/10th the large contract, not 1/50th.
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  5. R1234


    Looks like the full size contract currently has a daily range of about $20-30k so the micro will have a range of about $2-3k. This micro will still more volatile than some full sized contracts such as CL and NG.
  6. Pekelo


    That is not their point. They want to let smaller accounts to be able to play the futures game. The gamers want the action, the casino wants its cut, everybody will be happy. It doesn't matter if it is crypto or oil or wheat. As long as there is leverage and the underlying moves, the gamers want to play.
  7. SabreMan


    Its 1/50th the size, range will be $500 a day.
  8. R1234


    Ah! Ok that makes more sense.
    I would trade that.
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  10. Sounds exciting and high time this should be done. Super excited to benefit from the 1/50th of the contract size as was done by the larger contract.

    In fact, I’ve studied that there would be more transparency on the regulated exchange and futures while all the traders get to see the same prices and quotes.
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