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  1. I recently got qcharts with full CME feed to track certain contracts. I am having a difficult time finding qcharts symbols for some contracts. Some of them are the same as CME and some are not and I cannot find a list anywhere and as we all know, qchart support absolutely sucks. Someone was kind enough to send me an old list of symbols but there are no matching description and it is hard to decipher. If anyone knows where I can get this information I would greatly appreciate it. The most important one I need is the mini euro. I can get the pit contract but not the mini. PLease do not bother flaming qcharts. I am fully aware of their shortcomings.
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but there is a qcharts group on Yahoo. It might be worth having a look there.
  3. Thanks:)
  4. I guess my troubles arent over yet. Apparently Qcharts does not differentiate between the Euro traded on globex and the pit contract. I can get the pit contract but not the globex. I hope it is just something I havent learned yet because that would really suck. I called support but the guy was no help. Hoping somebody out there knows what the deal is. On the symbols list that inandlong steered me to, they have one listing for EC. I can't believe they would not provide everything globex offers, but on the other hand I shouldnt be too suprised. How can they raise their rates when they still have so many issues?

    edit: somebody pm'ed me the answer. They use different month symbols for the globex. :confused: :(
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    Thanks for posting the link for the QCharts futures symbol list.

    Here are a few symbols they left out:

    RL - Russell 2000
    MR - E-mini Russell 2000
    EY - Euroyen
    DA,DB,DK,NF - The CME dairy contracts

    I noted at least six others that are fairly obscure and which I won't bother to list here. The point is, don't assume their list is complete and/or up to date.

    If you can access their FTP site, there is a file which lists every symbol the servers are currently monitoring - including futures, stocks, indexes, options on futures and stocks, mutual funds, etc. Unfortunately for the futures trader, it doesn't include descriptions of the futures symbols, nor does it list contracts that are expired but for which historic data is still archived on the servers. It's nevertheless a useful resource.
  6. Thanks for the update diode. Like easy' I am amazed at the number of shortcomings sometimes. QCharts is so good at a number of things, yet like easy' said, they fall very short sometimes.

    Yet, as I said on another thread, I have been with them for almost 6 years I think, and this is the first rate increase. I tried TS for a month, and esignal for a day.... and for my needs QCharts is the best.

    Easyrider I'm glad someone PM'd you. I sure didn't know the answer.
  7. As a followup I have been running qcharts for several days now with cme feed only and the data has been quite good. It seems to match IB tick for tick. Cbot minis are free for now so you can get all the minis, the euro, the full size sp, nq and few others with just this one exchange.
  8. what is the symbol for QM and QG in Qcharts or LiveCharts?