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Discussion in 'Options' started by ETJ, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Trade S&P 500 with Greater Flexibility
    Effective July 29, Listing Cycle for Monday and Wednesday Options Extending to 4 Expirations

    Beginning July 29, the listing cycle for Monday and Wednesday options will be extended to provide you with greater opportunities to fine-tune your trading strategies. Market participants can execute their options overlay strategies with more flexibility than before.

    Listing cycles will be extended from 2 to 4 expirations in both Standard and E-mini Monday and Wednesday S&P 500 options on futures. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.
  2. Times


    Would be awesome if CME added options to the Micro indices
  3. SumZero


    Would rather prefer to have dailies than 4 Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays.

    Micro would probably be a plus for thos trading MES.
  4. How much market share has the new micro e-minis taken away from the popular SPY, QQQ, and DIA ETFs?

    The advantages of trading futures over equities are numerous. Wonder why the CME waited so long to go after the lucrative retail sector.
  5. Times


    Well, there are free commission stock brokers so the ETFs are still popular. There is also no options on the micros sadly.

    CME has a monopoly so there probably will never be commission free futures. Unlike the relatively free market world of stocks/options brokerages(tho they still need a lot less regulation)
  6. The options on the micros are coming...the CME is no dummy. Their monopoly grows bigger as they start to dominate the retail space.