CME options melting fast !

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  1. I am hoping someone can give me some insights on what happened to my April CME puts I bought starting a little more than 2 weeks ago. I bought one April 370 put at 2.45, the stock has not moved since then and it's now bid at only 0.35. When it went down under 1 late last week I figured my analysis was still valid and I then bought one April 380 put for 1.10 in order to take advantage of the slightest correction in the coming days. Now the 380 put is at 0.75. I realized volatility has dropped from about 30% to 24% today since my first purchase . At the same time other exchange stocks have started to drop, especially today. But CME actually went up ! What is going on ? I still think CME could tank by expiration I don't see why those options are melting so fast, a couple of days theta was -0.9 now it's - 0.14 and -0.16, these option are losing 15 cents a day! That's ridiculous, there is one month left to expiration or maybe there is something I don't know. I am fairly new to options but I can say I have never seen an option go down that fast, I feel like I have been cheated.
  2. buying short term options is like buying ice cubes on a hot day. as time passes they melt.
  3. couple of sites posted "expected" report date as 4/26 . This fact make APR options neutral/event free , hence , a collapse in IV.

  4. What do you mean? There won't be any news until 4/26 hence collapse in vol ? What's APR options neutral/event free? sorry
  5. it happens sometimes for no particular reason...but ya, postponed or cancelled highly anticipated news events can cause theta to rise substantially in matter of days.
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    As the others have mentioned, you are seeing the rapid erosion of time-decay in the last month of an options life. Time decay (theta) does not move in a straight line, rather it erodes at a much quicker pace in the last month. Here's a good visual:

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  7. we are talkin 'bout 2days; time premium decay accelerated much faster than the curve u posted shows.
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    what gives you this prognosis?
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    Option Statistics (CME)

    Today's Option Volume* 3,287
    Avg Option Volume 8,239
    Open Interest* 60,843
    Avg Open Interest 71,274
    Avg Put Call Ratio 1
    Historic Volatility (30 day) 21.83
    Put Call Ratio 0.87
    Implied Volatility 23.94

    <img src=>
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    looks very bullish to me.

    (but then, there is a buyer for every seller in an efficient market.)
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