CME Margin Adjustments, 10/1/08

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    The rates are effective after the close of business on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008.

    * CME Index Futures Outright Rates

    * CBOT Stock Index Futures Outright Rates

    * CME Security Futures Outright Rates

    * CME Security Futures Intra-Commodity Spread Rates
  2. There must have been a lot of blow ups yesterday. They're jacking the eminis up quite a bit.
  3. Can someone explain the difference between initial and maintenance margin? Is maintenance valid once you are in a position? thanks
  4. Initial is the margin you need to initiate or open a new contract. Once the position is opened, the maintenance is the account balance required before a margin call is received.
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    I think Initial is the margin capital requirement to open a single contract while Maintenance is an additional capital requirement to hold positions overnight.

    Basically, if you are a daytrader and you are always flat by 4.15pm, you can look at Initial.

    If you want to take positions overnight or beyond 4.15pm, you must look at Initial + Maintenance.
  6. No.
    Initial is first session's margin requirement. Maint is the subsequent sessions' margin requirement. Session is demarcated by settle times.
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    Would you mind providing an example for a daytrader vs a swing trader?
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  9. will this mean brokers will start removing $500 intraday margins on minis?
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