CME Margin Adjust, Effective 10/31/08

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by osorico, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Bullshit....

    I don't trade on Margin, so its all cash! MOFO's are pissing me off.

    And you know the size i trade, it makes a big difference!
  2. lassic


    Joe the trader can't get no breaks
    the man be always pressin', lol
  3. YM goes from $4376 to $5625, a 28.5% increase.

    No more trying to attract traders to the YM by offering a lower percentage margin than the ES.
  4. volitility is up DRAMATICALLY

    one YM moves like 2 used to, a few months ago
  5. Daal


    Pretty soon california real estate will require a smaller down payment than a ES future
  6. You missed the point of my post. CME/CBOT has always kept the margin for YM as a percentage of the contract value significantly (about 20%) below that of the ES margin. Now the 2 margins as a percentage of the contract value are almost equal.

    ES from $5625 to $6188

    YM from $4376 to $5625
  7. Should be 10,000 margin.

    Be glad they let you gamble.
  8. CME uses a set formula to determin margins. Its not the value of the contract but its based on the maximum losses that can be incurred. All rolls into SPAN margining system.

    Understand the volatility has set new records. a few 100 point swing days has increased max risk. One benefit trading CME futures is we don't worry much about counter-party risk.