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    Hi Logis,

    The application fee would be $2000.00 but the cost of the lease would vary per membership type. If you're looking for discounted rates on the ES you'd need an IOM ($350-$400 per month).

    Current rates -

    Very cool site with a calculator -

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    I wish was around when I leased a seat.

    Just plug in which markets you trade and the number of cars. If you're not doing high 100's if not thousands per month dont lease.

    Dont forget your data fees change too. You could always omit that particular piece of info but some firms check. Another rip.
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    you may want to look into the ECM 106 R Membership
    for reduced cme rates with , No monthly lease fee

    You should look at velocity futures site , it shows the different type memberships
    so you compare the difference in reduced exchange fees