CME Issue With eMicro Contract!

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  1. Third time in a row that the emicro index contracts are freezing after maket data release or fast market.

    here's the recent issues:

    1° After ISM manif.
    2° After ISM non manif.
    3° Today at open with the big gap down

    It's a shame!!

    Only the emicros, not emini's why???????
  2. maxinger


    emini chart also freezed due to heavy traffic.

    Nothing much we can do unless you want to trade in trading house somewhere near the CME exchange.
  3. No.
    Emini worked properly. No freezing on my side
  4. It is not the CME. For example, From the UK, around 180-210 ms ping time to the CQG data servers in the US on Ninjatrader 7 and 8 the same would happen (with minis but whichever is busy will get stuck in a burst).

    I moved to the Caribbean with a < 100ms ping to the data servers and all was perfect. Experienced it again back home on holidays last year.

    Being on Wifi of course can wreck data anywhere but if other instruments ok (as the were for me)...

    1. Where are you, have you contacted the broker support / measured your ping etc.?
    2. What platform?
    3. Which data provider?
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  5. maxinger


    strange ... your ping time is rather huge.

    Mine is 2 to 3 ms.
    and my chart would freezed when there is very heavy traffic.
  6. Not huge from another country, speed of light + router switching delays.

    What platform, data provider etc? otherwise we get nowhere with diagnosis.

    In my case with Ninja the problem was the data connector was not keeping up when latency was high due to poorly designed code (also in 8). My developer spoke to them at length, in the end Ray (the boss there at Ninja) would not make it a priority to fix as they really only had one developer at the time.

    I did a capture of the CQG stream and in bursts all was being received. Also it worked fine on Sierra Chart.

    CQG offered to give me access to their London Docklands hub but two days before I flew across the Atlantic anyway for tax and it being sunny etc. reasons. I had a technical reason for not using Kinetic instead.
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