CME Group Newsletter Offer: FX options: 50% off all large trades

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  1. Nighthawk


    FX options: 50% off all large trades
    However you execute – on Globex, by Blocks, in the Pit


    To help traders of FX options around the world with their risk management needs, we are reducing the cost to trade CME FX options ‒ for all large trades by 50% for one year.

    Get involved for more capital-efficient trading, with more granularity, and access the liquidity available on one of the world’s largest all-to-all electronic central limit order books for FX options.

    This discount is available for all trades executed electronically on Globex, by Blocks, or in the Pit ‒ that meets the criteria of being equal to or larger than the pre-defined size.

    Find out more about how to take advantage of this, the criteria to participate, and why you should.

    Now, this is a nasty offering! :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::D
  2. ZBZB


    What is the definition of a large trade?