CME Globex Options (FOP)

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  1. Xenia


    Now looking for a broker that does not charge fees for cancel/modify ...
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  2. Xenia


    New EOS ...

    Provides customers with:

    Realtime prices from major market making participants for
    thousands of outright contracts and complex spread combinations

    Unparalleled competitive execution, ensuring all incoming orders
    are exposed to largest possible universe of potential counterparties
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  3. just21


    So why doesn't IB report the volume on CME or any exchanges future options?
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  4. Xenia


    CME Announces Certified Options Partner Program

    Twelve Firms to Provide Front-End Solutions for Options Trading

    CHICAGO, May 19, 2005 — As part of its initiative for increasing the volume of electronic trading for options on foreign exchange, equity indexes and interest rates, CME, the largest futures exchange in the U.S., today announced the new CME-Certified Options Partner Program listed below. This program fosters collaboration between CME and the CME Options Program Partners so that enhanced CME Options products and functionality are available to the marketplace upon CME launch.

    CME also plans to integrate the CME Enhanced Options System for CME Eurodollar options into the CME® Globex® electronic trading platform, which operates virtually 24 hours every trading day, later this year. This enhanced options functionality for CME Eurodollars facilitates trading of complex combination and spread trades typically used with short-term interest rate options on futures within a fully transparent and competitive execution environment.

    “We work closely with key technology partners around the world to provide our global customers with access to software that supports new CME options products and functionality,” said Rick Redding, managing director, Products and Services for CME. “We developed the CME-Certified Options Partner Program to ensure that all required functionality is available for roll-out, to our mutual customers, starting in the third quarter of this year.

    CME has partnered with the following firms who have committed to supporting the upcoming CME electronic options enhancements:

    Credit Suisse First Boston
    Catus Technologies
    Orc Software*
    Prime Analytics*
    RTS Realtime Systems*
    Photon Trader
    Random Walk Consulting

    *The following firms will provide the software to support mass quoting and enhanced market maker protection functionality:

    Actant, based in Zug, Switzerland; GL TRADE, based in Paris, France; Orc Software, based in Stockholm, Sweden; Prime Analytics, based in Chicago; and, RTS Real Time Systems, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

    For more information, please visit
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  5. cresta


    because euronext have failed to address the problems of moving options from floor to screen their flagship euribor options product has begun to reap the consequences.....................

    Figures published by the FIA for the first 5 months of 2005

    "Outside of the U.S., interest rate trading was virtually flat, up 2.0% to 579.0 million contracts, with futures up 3.7% to 517.7 million contracts and options down 10.7% to 61.4 million. Euribor futures, the flagship product at Euronext.liffe, declined 4.1% to 66.9 million, and options on Euribor futures plunged 49.6% to 16.5 million."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully cme & cbot will learn from liffes mistakes and not destroy their optons contracts in the same way.
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  6. jim c

    jim c

    I might be reading the CME stuff wrong but couldnt you just do alot of 1 lots to boost your trade to cancel ratio? If you buy 50 options and are ready to get out of em just sell em back 1 at a time. Wait, this would probably not be worth it due to commish. nevermind. jim
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