CME - Globex FX Options

Discussion in 'Options' started by erlewine, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Side-by-side daytime FX option trading was supposed to go into effect today; anyone know if there was any action/liquidity on the screen?
  2. They weren't available at IB today. After a chat and a few emails, found out IB should have them up tomorrow.
  3. Keep our fingers crossed, hopefully the CME got some market makers to sign up; this will be a welcome change to the status quo.
  4. Yeah, I would think these should do well since the contracts already exist, but now also electronically traded. Hopefully we see more volume than the euro expiration options.
  5. just21


    What are the symbols at IB?
  6. For example, Euro, EUR, the trading class is 6E I believe.
    The trading class XT is the European expirations. EC is pit traded. Not sure what the YTs are....pit traded weeklys maybe.
  7. Been happy with the increasing liquidity of the Globex American style currency options that went up Dec. 18th. There's more liquidity in the American style than the European style that were up on Globex for awhile.