CME Galley was Open today

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RhinoGG, May 5, 2006.

  1. RhinoGG

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    What a treat, open to public, decent tour guide. Watching the action in the pit was cool. Even better was watching over the shoulders of some "screen traders". These guys were hammering trades off like nobody's business...big vol as well.(ES/NQ)
  2. nitro


    Many of them are not necessarily trading but offseting paper from their partner(s) in the pit(s) on the respective minis. It is not really "trading" unless you take it as a whole, and then it is arbitrage.

  3. Does anyone here understand the logic behind the CME's decision to close the visitor's gallery after 9/11?

    I mean seriously, what a pussy move- capitulating to terrorism.
    It's not like it's impossible to implement adequate security measures up there. Maybe they wanted the gallery closed for other reasons, and 9/11 was the excuse?

    I heard (urban legend?) that a couple hot young strippers flashed all the traders once, pressing their succulent bare breasts up against the glass, disrupting trading for a few minutes. Those were the days...