CME exchanges fees in Jan 2004

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  1. I have had the info from 2 brokers than CME fees will be lowered on Jan 1st 2004 as well as access to CME data (I even saw it going from 53usd to 33usd)

    Can someone confirm or give more information about this? (for example the commission cut)
  2. How about 20 to 40 cents lower exchange fees per side ? :D

  3. Unfortunately this was the CBOT and not the CME
  4. I have always admired companies that self-clear and able to offer lower retail commisions. Part of my evaluation of which brokerage to use would be their ability to be competitive and stay the leader in their price structure and lead the market.

    As far as Eurex.....well thank you. But I now question why does it take a European player to force Chicago to lower their fees? It has been my experience that the Europeons are traditionaly more expensive in just about everything.

    This tells me a lot of people are making a lot of money......

    Michael B.
  5. how much do you pay for a 5MB ADSL line ?

    In Paris - France, it is 30E per month...We will soon have 100MB line for 30E per month but just in Pau not in Paris...

    Still thinking Europe is expensive? :)

    How much do you pay for a phone call from USA to France? Here in Paris we pay 3 cents/mn for France to USA...Don't think you pay that low in USA...

    Europe is expensive for Audio CDs, jeans.

    And as for Eurex, a Bund roundturn is at 1.90eur at Velocityfutures. How much is a TNOTE roundturn on CBOT? At least 3.95usd at the same broker...US is expensive as for future trading and with the value of 1 USD now it is more attractive to trade EUR futures...
  6. Nobody beats Europe for highest TAXES!

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    Check out Canada for high taxes. The Canadian standard of living has fallen 15% in last 10 years. Canadians love taxes and they explain it away saying they are superior to Americans.
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  9. You are a bit too generic, Europe is not just one country but a group...

    For example how can you compare Gibraltar taxes to northern europe taxes ? Both are part of Europe...

    In opposite with USA, where you pay US taxes wherever you live in the world, in Europe you pay where you spend more than 6 months and 1 day...

    For example I know future traders working in Gibraltar, daytrading Bund and paying 15k euros max per year, that makes 50k euros per month and have a house in Spain where they live...
  10. To measure disposable income is the best way to determine quality of life.

    I think the USA is where the money is.....however capitalism at its finest is not always the fairest.

    Michael B.
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