CME Exchange Gateway

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arbitrageur, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Anyone know approx costs for installing an on site dedicated exchange gateway for CME?
  2. You mean a full Globex setup? What kind of products will you be pulling down? The amount of bandwidth you need depends on how many products you subscribe to.

    You will need a pair of servers (TIBCO under the current MDAPI, if you have coded to MDP, then no software). If you are trading more than 2 products, at least 2xT1s redundant (so actually 4, 2x2xT1), a pair of redundant edge routers.

    So the cost, roughly, 2 x Servers, say $4K each, 2 x routers, say 2600s, so that's at least $2.5K each. If you are using MDAPI, that's $15k initial cost for the TIBCO license, no cost for MDP (but 2xT1, or 3 MB/s, might not be sufficient for MDP, which is straight bridged multicast, so maybe 6 MB/s is needed).

    So all together, just the Globex setup will set you back around $15k initial, plus $4k a month for the telecom lines (at least 2x2xT1s), I am figuring the site is local to Chicago, long-distant point-to-point T1s are extra.

    This is just the CME connectivity and setup, any software servers (TT, Pats, etc), is extra on top of that.
  3. yes, thats what I'd got in mind. Perfect answer, thanks very much for the detailed reply.